About Us

Eco-Friendly Resort in Naples, NY

About Us

Ed Bebko is the founder and owner of Shangri-La. Ed founded the business because he saw the importance of living green and preserving nature. By offering year-round, off-grid vacation rentals, Ed can share his lifestyle with others.

Ed has surrounded himself with a friendly and professional team that values sustainable living and will always put our guests’ needs first. Our staff will make every effort to ensure guests enjoy a relaxing and quiet getaway.

Living Green

Shangri-La is a 30-acre nature preserve that strives for an overall experience of green living that guests can take with them when they leave. We promote an eco-friendly lifestyle by driving electric vehicles powered by solar systems, supporting local organic farms, using organic household cleaners and products and so much more.

Through our day-to-day practices, most of which can be applied to life outside of our resort, we greatly limit our carbon footprint. Shangri-La is proud to be doing the right thing for the environment. Our resort is truly ecotourism at its finest.

For more information, contact us today at (585) 374-2094. A staff member will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our vacation rentals or services.